ID: Almond · Room #1 - RENTED by Mayur

Start Date: May 2, 2018
Start Date: Mar 13, 2018
Length of Stay:
4 months
8 months
12 months
Property Nickname (ID): Almond
Bedroom ID#: 1
Name of Roommate: Mayur
Age: 21
Nationality: Indian
School: Other
Occupation: Intern
Studies: Nuclear Engineering
About Roommate: Hi, I am a student at UOIT studying nuclear engineering and will be starting an internship in May. Excited be around for the winter and going to many of the hills that are nearby and hoping some of the roommates enjoy skiing or snowboarding too. I try to spend as much time outside doing something around town, but when i am at home I play a wide range of video games and catching up on the latest shows. Recently started traveling internationally, have some great stories and would love to get to hear some others' stories as well.
Hobbies: Ski, Gym and Traveling
Describe yourself in 3 words: Philanthropic, responsible and hardworking
On a scale of 0 to 5, how clean do you keep your living space? :
0 - Pig
1 - Cluttered
2 - Dusty
3 - Somehow clean
4 - Pretty clean
5 - Spotless
100% positive (46/46)
Reviews about the online booking experience
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Everything went very smoothly! Very pleased with my experience.

Connor about listing ID: Almond · Room #4 (May-2) 16 days ago.

Pretty good! Not completely done with the process yet , but very prompt via email and clear with transactions.

Emma about listing ID: Kilo · Room #3 (May 2) 28 days ago.
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Everything went smoothly!

Reethi Paul about listing ID: Loki · Room #3 (May 2) 1 month ago.

Everything went smoothly! It was very simple and easy to navigate the website and also help from Max coordinating me with the landlord. I am very pleased to have such quick and fast response from rentaplacenow.

sunny about listing ID: Berry · Room #7 (May 2) 1 month ago.

Very quick and convenient. Thank you!

Caitlyn about listing ID: Berry · Room #5 (Sep 2) 1 month ago.

Everything went very smoothly!

Thomas about listing ID: International 15, Room #2 (Jan 2) 2 months ago.

Everything was smooth! I enjoyed the experience.

Divyanshu about listing ID: Sierra · Room #3 (Jan-2) 2 months ago.