ID: Maple · Room #2 - RENTED by Ashley

Start Date: May 2, 2018
Length of Stay:
4 months
8 months
12 months
Property Nickname (ID): Maple
Bedroom ID#: 2
Name of Roommate: Ashley
Age: 25
Nationality: Canadian
School: Other
Studies: Young Professional
About Roommate: Hello there! :) Im a young professional working at the University Of Ottawa. I graduated from Bishop's University in 2016 and moved to Ottawa in May of this year. I love meeting new people and I'm excited to live on this side of town to see everything close-by downtown has to offer. I'm considerate of others and am roommate who cleans up after herself.
Hobbies: Music, Sports, Socializing
Describe yourself in 3 words: Reliable, Considerate, Friendly
On a scale of 0 to 5, how clean do you keep your living space? :
0 - Pig
1 - Cluttered
2 - Dusty
3 - Somehow clean
4 - Pretty clean
5 - Spotless
100% positive (46/46)
Reviews about the online booking experience
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Everything went very smoothly! Very pleased with my experience.

Connor about listing ID: Almond · Room #4 (May-2) 16 days ago.

Pretty good! Not completely done with the process yet , but very prompt via email and clear with transactions.

Emma about listing ID: Kilo · Room #3 (May 2) 28 days ago.
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Everything went smoothly!

Reethi Paul about listing ID: Loki · Room #3 (May 2) 1 month ago.

Everything went smoothly! It was very simple and easy to navigate the website and also help from Max coordinating me with the landlord. I am very pleased to have such quick and fast response from rentaplacenow.

sunny about listing ID: Berry · Room #7 (May 2) 1 month ago.

Very quick and convenient. Thank you!

Caitlyn about listing ID: Berry · Room #5 (Sep 2) 1 month ago.

Everything went very smoothly!

Thomas about listing ID: International 15, Room #2 (Jan 2) 2 months ago.

Everything was smooth! I enjoyed the experience.

Divyanshu about listing ID: Sierra · Room #3 (Jan-2) 2 months ago.