ID: Soho · Room #3 - RENTED by Manish

Start Date: May 2, 2018
Length of Stay:
3 months
4 months
8 months
12 months
Property Nickname (ID): Soho
Bedroom ID#: 3
Name of Roommate: Manish
Age: 21
Nationality: Indian
School: Carleton University
Studies: B.Sc Mathematics (Stats)
About Roommate: Hello !!! I’m Manish from India. I’m currently pursuing my study at Carleton university and am residing at the university res at present. To be honest as far as now Ottawa has been a really good temporary home to be and am looking forward to reside here till the completion of my course. I’m quite reserved person and try to be in my group. I’m pretty much organized and love keeping a neat environment around myself.
Hobbies: I am a avid newspaper reader, love solving sudokus and also a Netflix addict.
Describe yourself in 3 words: Punctual, attentive and stategist
On a scale of 0 to 5, how clean do you keep your living space? :
0 - Pig
1 - Cluttered
2 - Dusty
3 - Somehow clean
4 - Pretty clean
5 - Spotless
100% positive (54/54)
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Everything is good

Antoine about listing ID: Familia 3 · Room #10 (May 2) 2 days ago.

This website is very easy and efficient. Ideal to find a house with other friends.

Gabriel about listing ID: Familia 3 · Room #8 (May 2) 3 days ago.

Super Helpful and useful presence! thanks a lot

Ludmilla Ameur about listing ID: Lumber · Room #3 (May 2) 8 days ago.


Oona about listing ID: Mansion · Room #3B (May 2) 8 days ago.

Everything went really smooth. Thanks Max!

Stephanie about listing ID: Lungo 14 · Studio (Sep 2) 20 days ago.

A really effective management of aligning renters and landlords. I found the process easy compared to the traditional avenues of other websites.

Basheerah about listing ID: Almond · Room #2 (May 2) 20 days ago.

Smooth and professional

Jonah about listing ID: Peach · Room #1 (May 2) 23 days ago.