ID: Almond · Room #4 - RENTED by Connor

Start Date: May 2, 2018
Length of Stay:
3 months
4 months
8 months
12 months
Property Nickname (ID): Almond
Bedroom ID#: 4
Name of Roommate: Connor
Age: 20
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Intern
Studies: Nuclear Engineering
About Roommate: Hi, I'm Connor. I'm a Nuclear Engineering student at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I'll be starting a 15-month co-op position with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commision in May. I am, for the most part, a clean guy. I always try to clean up any mess I have in the common areas. I'm very big into sports, particularly hockey. I enjoy going out for a drink every so often and hanging out with friends. I'm also very sociable and love getting to meet new people.
Hobbies: Hockey, Netflix, Socializing
Describe yourself in 3 words: Friendly, Funny, Nice
On a scale of 0 to 5, how clean do you keep your living space? :
0 - Pig
1 - Cluttered
2 - Dusty
3 - Somehow clean
4 - Pretty clean
5 - Spotless
100% positive (54/54)
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Everything is good

Antoine about listing ID: Familia 3 · Room #10 (May 2) 2 days ago.

This website is very easy and efficient. Ideal to find a house with other friends.

Gabriel about listing ID: Familia 3 · Room #8 (May 2) 3 days ago.

Super Helpful and useful presence! thanks a lot

Ludmilla Ameur about listing ID: Lumber · Room #3 (May 2) 8 days ago.


Oona about listing ID: Mansion · Room #3B (May 2) 8 days ago.

Everything went really smooth. Thanks Max!

Stephanie about listing ID: Lungo 14 · Studio (Sep 2) 20 days ago.

A really effective management of aligning renters and landlords. I found the process easy compared to the traditional avenues of other websites.

Basheerah about listing ID: Almond · Room #2 (May 2) 20 days ago.

Smooth and professional

Jonah about listing ID: Peach · Room #1 (May 2) 23 days ago.